Bodybuilding Workout Programs

S: Run, Acroyoga
M: Ashtanga
T: Ashtanga, Run, Gymnastics
W: Ashtanga
R: Ashtanga, Run, Pole
F: Ashtanga
S: Rest


* Jump Rope Styles: Bloom To Fit
* Irish Step Dancing: HowTo
* Bodyweight Skills: Al Kavado, Beast Skills, GMB, GlobalWT, GW, Drills & Skills, Dragon Door, York Hand Balance, BW Fundies, Start Bodyweight, GMB Legs
* Weightlifting: BB1, BB2, WT Exercises, Built Lean, ChickenTuna’s Program




Warm Up: Wrist, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Hips, Knees, Ankles, Bridges x2, Cobra 3×2, Deadlift lunges x10, Bow 5×2
– Head Lifts x6
– Quad Pulls x3 per leg
– Lunge Side Reaches x3 per leg
– Camel Side x3 per leg
– Table Shoulder Lean 5×2
– Unsupported Half Locust 5sec x2 per leg
– Unsupported Half Locust 10sec x2 per leg
– Supported Half Locust 10sec x2 per leg
– Full Locust 5sec x4
Cool Down: Downward Facing Dog, Bow 5sec, Shoulder Chest Stretch, Neck Floor Stretch, Supine Neck Floor Stretch

Warm Up: Wrist, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Hips, Knees, Knees Inward, Ankles, Bridge, Side Leg Hip External Rotation x10, Open Leg Diamond Bridge x10, Seated Leg Hip External Rotation x10, Mermaid Circles 10×2 per leg
– Supine Leg Rotation Pulls 3×2 per leg
– Mermaid Leg Pull Ups 3×2 per leg
– Hip Flexor Leg Rotation and Dips 3×2 per leg
– Side Hip Drop Ankle Pull 3×2 per leg
– Mermaid Raised Foot Lean Over 30sec x3 per leg
– Ankle over Knee Presses 30sec per leg
– Ankle over knees closer 30 sec per leg
– Ankle over Knee Lean Over 30 sec per leg
– Static Lunge 30sec x2 per leg
– Half Lotus knee to floor 30sec per leg
– Lotus 30sex per leg
Cool Down: Knee Hug

SIDE Splits:
– Warm Up: Wrist, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Hips, Knees, Ankles, High Knees -10/Butt Kicks – 10/Deadlift 1&2 – 5 x2, 1LRD x 10, Lunges x10, Hamstring Circles x10, Hip Flexor Circles x10
– Foot Kicks
– Lunge Side Reaches
– Leg Kicks
– Hip Flexor Lunge Dips
– Toe Pulls
– Lunge Lean Back Dips
– 10 Count Splits
– Warm Down: Hamstring Pull, Quadriceps Pull, Toe Pull, Lunge, Splits, Knee Hug

– Warm Up: Wrist, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Hips, Knees, Ankles, High Knees, Deadlift, Side High Knees, Straight Leg Deadlift, Side Lunge Squat
– 4 exercises: mermaid, side lunge, side leg raise, pancake
– Warm Down: Glute Stretch, Quadriceps Pull, Side Toe Reach, Middle Split, Half splits, Child Pose


Handstand Work: 1-2 sets of 3-5 reps
– Handstand Prep Position
– Kick Up To Handstand Bent Knee (each leg)
– Kick Up To Handstand L-Shape (each leg)
– Kick Up to Handstand (each leg)
– Tuck Handstand
– Tuck Up to Handstand
– Handstand Tuck Down
– Handstand Pike Down
– Handstand Straddle Down/Handstand Press Negatives
– Handstand Stag
– Handstand Split (Fronts/Middle)
– Handstand Walk
– Handstand Pirouette
– Handstand Backward Walk
– Wall Handstand: 1 minute

Beginner Handstand:
– Hollow Body: 6 sets of 60s
– Wall Walk Up: 3 sets of 5 reps
– Kick Up to Wall/Wall Handstand Hold: 6 sets of 60s
– L-Stand: 6 sets of  60s
– Freestanding Handstand (Float from Wall): AMRAP


BACK/BICEPS Pull Up 5, Inverted Row 8, Dumbbell Bent Over Row 8, Dumbbell Hammer Curl 8
CHEST/TRICEPS Dumbbell Bench Press 8, Dumbbell Fly 8, Dumbbell Kickback 5, Triceps Dip 5
SHOULDERS Front Dumbbell Raise 8, Dumbbell Lateral Raise 8, Dumbbell Rear Delt Row 8
LEGS Pistols 5, Dumbbell Lunge 8, Dumbbell Squat 8, Dumbbell Single Leg Bulgarian Split Squat 8, Side Lunge 8, Single Leg Romanian Deadlift 8, Ab Wheel 8


Floor Phase A
1. Crane Holds: 6 x 10s
2. Front Scale Holds: 6 x 10s
3. Front Scale Leg Raises: 3-5 sets x 3-5 reps
4. Freestanding Handstand to Leg Switch: 3-5 sets x 7-12 reps
5. Handstand Entries from Tuck Up: 10 reps

Parallettes Work Phase A
1. Plank Jump to Dip: 3-5 sets x 8-12 reps
2. Tuck Swing to Top Plank: 3-5 sets x 8-12 reps
3. Tuck Hold: 3-5 sets x 8-12 reps, 3 -5s holds
4. Tuck Swings: 3-5 sets x 8-12 reps

Floor Phase B
1. Crane to Front Roll: 6-10 sets x 3-5 reps
2. Front Scale Holds: 6 x 10s
3. Freestanding Handstand: 6 x 10s
4. Freestanding Handstand from Tuck Up to Tuck Lower: 3-5 sets x 7-12 reps
5. Double Arm Lever: 6-10 sets x 5 sec hold

Parallettes Phase B
1. L-Sit Front Straddles: 3-5 sets x 5-13 reps
2. Tuck to Bent Arm Bent Leg Shoulder Stand: 3-5 sets x 5-13 reps
3. Bent Leg Shoulder Stand to Inside Straddles: 3-5 sets x 5-13 reps
4. L-sit Drives: 3-5 sets x 5-13 reps



  • Jump Rope – (4-8 min)
  • Run – (10-20 min)
  • Sprints

Squat progression – (5 per leg)

  • Balance assisted one legged squats
  • Weighted one legged squats
  • One-legged squats
  • Renegade pistols

Pull up progression – (10-15)

  • Sternum pull ups
  • Belly button pull ups
  • One arm towel-assisted pull ups
  • One arm towel-assisted pull ups and eccentrics
  • Half one arm pull ups (top half)
  • One arm pull ups

Handstand progression – (1 sets of 3-5 reps / 1 min hold)

  1. Handstand Prep Position
  2. Kick Up To Handstand Bent Knee (each leg)
  3. Kick Up to Handstand (each leg)
  4. Tuck Up to Handstand to Tuck Down
  5. Handstand Press Negatives
  6. Wall Handstand

L-Sit progression – (5×5-15s, resting for what remains of a minute)

  • One leg, alternating
  • Tuck L-sit
  • Tuck L-sit, semi-straight legs
  • L-Sit – Aim for one minute work in total, 3x20s or 2x30s, resting for what remains of a minute

Dip progression – (10)

  • Tuck Swings + Legs forward dips combo

Plank progression – (1 minute)

  • Plank
  • Hollow Body


Start Bodyweight
3-DAY SPLIT/Circuit/HIIT: 24 rounds – 30/10 or 35/10 or 40/20 or 50/10 or 60/20
PUSH: Handstand push ups – 3×6-10/4-8, Push ups – 3×4-15/4-8, Dips – 3×4-12/4-8
PULL + CORE: Pull ups – 3×4-8, Horizontal pulls – 3×6-15/4-8, Leg raises – 3×12-20/4-8
LEGS + CORE: Squats – 3×8-15/4-8, Deadlifts – 3x15-30/4-8, Planks – 30s-60s



  • Cable Seated Row, Lat Pulldown
  • Dumbbell Bent-over Row, Shrug
  • Inverted Row, Chin Up, Pull Up


  • Dumbbell Curl
  • Chin up


  • Dumbbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Fly, Dumbbell Pullover
  • Chest Dip, Push-up, One Arm Push Up, Elevated Plyometric Push Up


  • Dumbbell Kickback, Dumbbell Triceps Extension, Skullcrusher
  • Bench Dip, Close Grip Push-up, Triceps Dip, Semi-Planche Push Up


  • Anterior Delt
    • Lever Shoulder Press
    • Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Front Dumbbell Raise
    • Pike Press, Handstand Press, Divebomber
  • Lateral Delt
    • Lever Lateral Raise
    • Dumbbell Lateral Raise, Dumbbell Raise, Dumbbell Upright Row
  • Posterior Delt
    • Lever Seated Reverse Fly
    • Dumbbell Rear Delt Row or Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise
    • Rear Delt Inverted Row


  • Quads
    • Leg Extensions, Leg Press
    • Dumbbell Lunge, Dumbbell Squat, Dumbbell Single Leg Bulgarian Split Squat, Dumbbell Leg Extensions
    • Pistols, One Leg Squat, Jump Squat, Jump Lunge, Step Up
  • Hamstrings
    • Leg Curls, Glute Ham Raise
    • Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlift, Weighted Hyperextension
    • Self-assisted Hamstring Raise, Side Lunge, Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • Hip Adduction
    • Seated Hip Adduction
    • Weighted Lying Hip Adduction
  • Hip Abductors
    • Seated Hip Abduction
    • Weighted Lying Hip Adduction
    • Side Bridge Hip Abduction
  • Glute
    • Weighted Reverse Hyper-extension
    • Lying Hip Extension (One Leg Bridge), Single Leg Squat, Step Down


  • Dumbbell Push Sit-up (Ab Crunch Machine), Dumbbell 45° Side Bend, Weighted Lying Twist, Weighted 45-degree Hyperextension, Incline Twisting Situp
  • Superman, Knee Tucks, Reptile, Mountain Climbers, Side Crunch, Seated V Split, Knee Hugs, Flutter kicks, Leg Raises, Toe Touches, Seated Scissors, BTW Reach, Kickouts, Side Plank Kickout, Abdominal Vacuum, Front Plank, Jack-knife Sit-up, Vertical Leg-Hip Raise, Reverse Crunch

AR7, AMRAP, Time Challenges, HIIT (Intervals)

Sets and Reps
General Purpose Strength – 3-5 sets, 6-10 repetition. Rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes between sets.
Pure Strength – 4-8 sets, 1-5 reps. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.
Endurance – 2-5 sets, 12-25 reps. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.
Power and Speed – Explosive. 3-5 sets, 3-5 repetitions. Rest at least 2 minutes.
When you feel your reps slowing down appreciably, that’s time to stop the set, and possibly the workout.