Exercise Journal: 03.08.2017

-Plie Squats + Mini-Squats + Plie Stretch
-Front + Side Kicks

-Standing Calf Stretch
-Table Hamstring Stretch: 2 min
-Straight Leg Calf Stretch
-Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
-Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch
-Lunge Hamstring Stretch
-Side Lunge
-Adductor Stretch
-IT Stretch
-Hip Flexor Stretch
-Low Lunge
-Lizard Pose
-Triang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana
-Isometric Front Split*
-Butterfly Reach
-Straddle + Pancake
-Prasarita Padottanasana(Standing middle split)*
-Middle Splits Toes Up/Forward*

-Ear to Shoulder (Trap & Levator Scapulae)
-Head Left to Right (Scalenes & SCM)
-Head Up and Down (Scalenes & SCM)
-Neck Circles (Trap, Levator Scapulae, Scalenes, SCM)
-Chest Slides
-Torso Lateral Slides
-Shoulder Rolls
-Vertical Straight Arm Slices
-Horizontal Straight and Bent Arm Slices
-Wall Single-Arm Chest Stretch – Overhead to Shoulder
-Kneeling Wall Shoulder/Back Stretch
-Standing Wall Shoulder/Back Stretch + IR
-Yoga Block Lat Stretch + ER
-Standing Cat/Cow

BACKBENDS (Extended*)
-Wall Backbend to Ground & Up
-Cobra Lift

-Knees to Chest Hug
-Supine Spinal Twist
-Child Pose
-Hollow Body

Post back bending core conditioning
– Sit Up Toe Reach x10
– Folded plow reverse sit ups x10
– Upward Toe touches x10
– Reverse Sit Ups x10
– V sit Ups x10

Tabata: x1
– Squats x3
– Push Ups x1

Bow Practice
– Resistance band, 20 per arm

– pick up with toes

My lizard was way easier, and my pancake was flatter on the first try! I also was able to hold my hollow body and plank for 60 secs for the first time since starting this program. The burpees hurt my knees last time due to poor form.


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