Exercise Journal: 27.07.2017

-Plie Squats + Mini-Squats + Plie Stretch
-Front + Side Kicks

-Standing Calf Stretch
-Table Hamstring Stretch: 2 min
-Straight Leg Calf Stretch
-Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch
-Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch
-Lunge Hamstring Stretch
-Side Lunge
-Adductor Stretch
-IT Stretch
-Hip Flexor Stretch
-Low Lunge
-Lizard Pose
-Triang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana
-Isometric Front Split*
-Butterfly Reach
-Straddle + Pancake
-Middle Splits Toes Up/Forward*

-Ear to Shoulder (Trap & Levator Scapulae)
-Head Left to Right (Scalenes & SCM)
-Head Up and Down (Scalenes & SCM)
-Neck Circles (Trap, Levator Scapulae, Scalenes, SCM)
-Chest Slides
-Torso Lateral Slides
-Shoulder Rolls
-Vertical Straight Arm Slices
-Horizontal Straight and Bent Arm Slices
-Wall Single-Arm Chest Stretch – Overhead to Shoulder
-Kneeling Wall Shoulder/Back Stretch
-Standing Wall Shoulder/Back Stretch + IR
-Yoga Block Lat Stretch + ER
-Standing Cat/Cow

BACKBENDS (Extended*)
-Wall Backbend to Ground & Up
-Cobra Lift

-Knees to Chest Hug
-Supine Spinal Twist
-Child Pose

Bow Practice
– Resistance band, 20 per arm

Handstand progression – (1 sets of 3-5 reps / 1 min hold)
– Kick Up To Handstand Bent Knee (each leg)
– Handstand Press Negatives
– Wall Tuck Handstand Holds
– Kick Up to Handstand (each leg)

Post back bending core conditioning
– Sit Up Toe Reach x10
– Folded plow reverse sit ups x10
– Upward Toe touches x10
– Reverse Sit Ups x10
– V sit Ups x10

It was hard for me to get started and took quite a while to finish, but at least I got moving. I’ve been so tired all week at and after work. I wonder if it has to do with my lack of activity.

Tabata: x1
– Squats
– Burpees


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