Exercise Journal: 11-12.02.2017

Weightlifting: Legs
– Barbell Squat: 3×8,7,6 @ 155, 185, 205, 1×1 @ 225, 1×5 @ 155, 1×8 @ 135lb
– Leg Press: 3×7,6,5 @ 608, 698, 788lb
– Straight Leg Deadlift: 3×8 @ 95, 115, 135lb

95lb for deadlift is useless now. Also, I got a little ambitious on squats, but I did well.

– Treadmill: 1.0 mi run @ 9m36s

I ran at 9m13s pace most of the time.

Flexibility: Get Bent
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits

Flexibility: Valentino
– Butterfly & Elevated Butterfly
– Frog x3
– Pancake x3

Touched down on front and front over splits. My back legs were knees down finally during my fronts, not so much during over splits, but I’m working on it. I need to work on my short adductors to get my middles at this point.

Hip Flexor Lunge
Calf Stretch
Internal Rotation

I’ve been doing the top three stretches daily. I can finally touch my hands together in cow face pose when doing internal rotation with my left arm and external rotate with my right arm. Still working on the other way. I will be doing more frog poses so I can get that 180˚.

Weightlifting: Chest
– Dips: 3×8
– Bench Press: 3×8,7,6 @ 115, 125, 135lb
– Fly: 3×8 @ 100, 115, 130lb

Hip Flexor Lunge
Internal Rotation


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