Exercise Journal: 07-09.02.2017

– Treadmill: 1.50 mi run @ 13m50

Not bad, I guess.

Weightlifting: Back
– Pull ups: 2×8,7
– Back Fly: 3×8 @ 90lb
– Bent Over Barbell Row: 3×8 @ 95, 115, 135lb

– Treadmill: 1.5 mi run @ 13m36s

I think I need another week at 930 minimum. I mean it has only been like one week, so…

Flexibility: Get Bent
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Front & Middle Splits

Flexibility: Valentino
– Butterfly & Elevated Butterfly
– Frog x3
– Pancake x3

Hip Flexor Lunge
Still doing these throughout the day.

Touched down on front splits pretty easily. My back leg is looking better considering I didn’t stretch for splits. Backbends were okay. Just waiting for my hip flexors to improve really.

Handstand February:
– Normal Handstand


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