Exercise Journal: 02.02.2017

Weightlifting: Back
– Pull Ups: 3×5
– Bentover Dumbbell Row: 3×8,7,6 @ 115, 125, 135lb
– Reverse Fly: 3×8 @ 95, 95, 90lb

I went to the school gym today, and the reverse fly machine felt heavier! Also, pull ups were way harder because the bar I used was way wider! The only thing that I felt like I improved on was the rows because the 45s didn’t feel as heavy. Actually none of the weights felt as heavy. Weird.

– Treadmill: 1.50 mi run @ 13m50s

I ran at a 9m30s pace for the first mile. I amped it up very slowly all the way up to 7m13s pace by the end. I do WAY better starting off slow. I had so much more energy at the end to sprint. I did a 2 minute warm up and cool down. I’m really happy about today’s run. Last week I ran at a 10 minute pace, and now a 9:30 minute pace will be my minimum for the rest of the month. I might try to increase it during the second half of the month to 915 to prepare for when I move to 900 minutes in March.

Flexibility: Get Bent
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend

The mat was weird and had no grip, so my backbends were okay, but not as awesome as I wanted them to be.

Hip Flexor Lunge:
– everyday, multiple times a day
– 2-5 repetitions (60 seconds total time) of 30-60 seconds or 3-6 sec contraction/10-30 sec stretch
– focusing on squared hips and a posteriorly tilted pelvis

So that’s my exercise prescription.I through in some PNF hip flexor lunges through out the day because my hip flexors are shit. I’ve been compensating a lot with my lower back and not squaring my hips. Today I did a few sets of hip flexor stretches in class. When I tried to do frontsplits after my backbends, my leg was way less turned out.

Handstand February:
– Backbend Handstand!

Lastly, it’s HANDSTAND FEBRUARY! So I did a handstand at the end of my workout! I did an L shaped and stand. Weird to explain, but my butt and legs were against the wall, but my arms and back were not.


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