Exercise Journal: 13.12.2016

Weightlifting: Back/Bi
– Pull Ups: 3×5
– T-Bar Row: 6×8 @ 92.5, 102.5, 112.5lb
– Inverted Row: 3×8
– Reverse Fly: 3×8 @ 90lb

Tabata: 8 min
– Jump Rope

Flexibility: Get Bent
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Legs & Hips

Flexibility: Valentino
– Butterfly & Elevated Butterfly
– Frog x3
– Pancake

Touched down on front splits! Also my pancake felt pretty good!

So last week I felt like my camel got a little deeper. I wish I had taken a picture. Today my bridges felt more natural. I think doing backbends at least twice a week is a good idea. Also, splits twice a week is also nice. I still want to stretch more, but not intensely. I’ve been sitting in butterfly more often. It’s not bad.


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