Exercise Journal: 21.10.2016


Strength Training: Back/Biceps
– Pull Ups: 3×5
– Bent over Dumbbell Rows: 3×8 @ 35lb
– Inverted Row (straight leg): 3×5
– Dumbbell Curls: 3×8 @ 15lb

Jump Rope:
– Tabata: 4 min

Flexibility: Get Bent
– Warm Up
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Cool Down

– Front Splits
– Middle Splits
– Pancake
– Cobra
– Camel
– Bridges (bent-leg, straight leg and elbow)

I added frog and elevated butterfly before middle splits. Also I added 2 cobras with my feet against the wall.

I slide right into my front splits! It was amazing! I even did a right split after my quad cramped from wall cobra. My chest touched the floor for my pancake! I was overall happy with every single pose.

It felt good to get back into the gym. Felt like I’d never left!

I want to get back into handstands soon.


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