Exercise Journal: 04.02.2016

Run: 1.5 mi
– 400m/.25mi @ 2:00 pace, rest 100m: 0.25mi @ 2:07, 0.50mi @ 2:18, 0.75mi @ 2:09, 1.00mi @ 2:07, 1.25mi @ 2:20,  total @ 11:07

Ugh, not good. There was this hill on the second “lap”, and it was all downhill from there. Not nearly as consistent as Tuesday. I also kind of forgot to eat breakfast and didn’t drink enough water. My fault. Running in the cold kills me. I feel like my sinuses are dying after. I much prefer to run in the scorching heat. I miss reasonable weather. Next week will be better I hope. Maybe i can run on an actual track, which would be great!

Get Bent
– Warm Up
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Cool Down

2016 February BackBend Challenge – Advanced: Day 4
– Cobra
– Bridge
– Foot to Head Pigeon
– Camel
– Front Splits
– Middle Splits
– Butterfly

I had plenty of time, so today was a great stretch day. I also had to do a short warm up pre-video because I ate lunch in between running and stretching. Anyway, I was warm enough to do the front splits again and my middle split (and pancake) was also lower. I’m not sure which was more exciting, but I was pleased.

Backbends were also great. I watched a video about doing correct backbends and found a great tip about tucking my hips forward when I back bend, which was really helpful for protecting my lower back as I reached further with my chest. Standing backbend was easier, as well as camel and even bridge! Today I thought my bridge was pretty awesome. With the combination of tucking and looking at the ground, I feel like my bend definitely came more from middle and lower back, rather than just my shoulders and upper back.


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