Exercise Journal: 02.02.2016

Run: 1.5 mi
– 400m/.25mi @ 2:00 pace, rest 100m: 0.25mi @ 2:13, 0.50mi @ 2:13, 0.75mi @ 2:15, 1.00mi @ 2:02, 1.25mi @ 2:12, 1.50mi @ 2:12, total @ 13:07

Okay, so during the run, I was pretty disappointed, but looking at the stats, I was very consistent. I was dying at the end, but it was still better than the first half of my run. Having the pace timer is pretty much the key to any kind of success for me. Now, I’m pretty warm!

Get Bent
– Warm Up
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Cool Down

2016 February BackBend Challenge – Advanced: Day 2
– Cobra
– Bridge
– Foot to Head Pigeon
– Camel
– Front Splits
– Middle Splits
– Butterfly

So my hamstrings are sore and were slightly tight. My right side was not impressive, but my left split was less than an inch off the ground. I managed to get a little progress for middle split as well. Back bends were awesome again today. The foot to head pigeon did not hurt as I really tried to focus on my ribs and chest. The advanced camel pose however is my least favorite. Having my arms reach backwards puts a lot of pressure on my back, so I’m really squeezing my abs and taking it easy to avoid any pain!


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