Exercise Journal: 01.02.2016


Tabata: 6 minute: 20 second rounds, 10 second break, 12 rounds
– Push Ups
– Squats
– Sit ups

This is also prep for my PT test. I might mix it up though, so I don’t get bored.

Get Bent
– Warm Up
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Cool Down

I got left splits and was pretty close for right splits. My hamstrings are pretty sore, so I’m not really pushing it al all. Especially because I was warm enough to have gotten it had I tried. The real MVP were my backbends! Wow, did my back recover. My backbends were so low. My bridge also looked nice. I think my bridge will be my most improved pose, and probably pigeon.

2016 February BackBend Challenge – Advanced: Day 1
– Cobra
– Bridge
– Foot to Head Pigeon
– Camel
– Front Splits
– Middle Splits
– Butterfly

Tumbling: 1hr

My first tumbling class here. It was decent. No trampolines! We did cart wheels and roundoff. Apparently, I need to drop some gymnastics habits like tucking on my rebound and arms up all the time. We did some cheer stuff and I back spotted.

Tomorrow I start running again. EW. I’m going to start twice a week for the first two weeks, then move to three times a week. The goal is to get 1.5 miles within 12-13 minutes. Here’s my plan:

Run Prep Plan
– 8 x 400 meter @ 2:00 pace, walk for recovery
– 4 x 800 meter @ 4:00 pace, walk 100m for recovery
– 3 x 800 meter @ 4:00 pace, walk 100m for recovery
– 1.5 mi @ 12:00-13:00 pace


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