Exercise Journal: 21.01.2016

Sworkit: 10 minute Full Intensity Cardio Workout: 30 second rounds, 30 second break every 3 minutes

Get Bent
– Warm Up
– Legs & Hips
– Front & Middle Splits
– Shoulder Warm Up & Stretch
– Back Bend
– Cool Down

Okay, so… I GOT MY LEFT SPLIT BACK! My right split was probably less than an inch, I could practically feel the floor! I realized that I was holding myself back by not really relaxing into the pose. I did it after I finished the video because I was encouraged at how warm I was after finishing it.  Can I just reiterate that I love this video! 6 weeks of using the video and about 8 weeks after I achieved them the first time. I did so many lower backbends today, too, which was really exciting. I’m really getting the hang of not bending bellow the belly button! I’ve never done more than one (which I only just did yesterday)! Anyway, I’m ecstatic! To think I didn’t even want to start this week!


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