Exercise Journal: 16.12.2015

I went through my goals today, which included flexibility in shoulders, back, legs, and hips for splits, backbends, and lotus and I feel like Get Bent is going to be the best bet for reaching them. I’m going to commit myself to doing it about 5 times a week. I will not be doing the PNF portions everyday though. I was thinking of using Flexibility challenge on day 6 for something a bit lighter.

Also, I’ve decided I want to bring back some strength training. I think the best and most positive experience I’ve had with strength training so far has been HIIT, followed closely by Weight lifting. I’m going to return to HIIT, not only just for strength training, but for a more intense warm up precursor to stretching. I would also like to incorporate running, but I’m not sure how committed I am to that realistically. So I’ll probably do 5 days of HIIT, 3 strength- and 2 cardio-focused.

12 minute workout: 12 rounds of 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
– burpees
– reptile push ups
– air squats
– bicycle crunches

Get Bent

The 12 minute workout actually killed me. I accidentally did burpees with push ups the first round and was dead for push ups after that. I had to switch to my knees eventually. I loved it though. Short, out of the way and effective. And boy was I warm. Sweat pouring down my entire body and stretching for get bent was so much easier. I was significantly lower for both my splits. I am confident I’ll be able to reproduce then again soon! Back bends were great, too! I might do the middle splits section twice in the future. Overall, it was a great workout and I’m looking forward to my future progress!!


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