Exercise Journal: 01-02.12.2015


– Front Split

Not sure if the 2 days on 1 day off is going to work. I think I need to do every other day. My hamstrings can not handle it, which makes sense considering this is PNF stretching. Also I really need to start doing strength training again.

Gymnastics: 2hr
– Warm Up: Stretching, Splits, Bridge, Handstands, Handstand Walks, Handstand Rolls, Backward Handstand Extensions, Cartwheels, Round Off, Front Limber, Front Handsprings
– Tumble Track: Front Handsprings, Back Handsprings, Aerials
– Trampoline: Front Flips, Back Flips
– Burn Out:  Lunges, Spiderman Push ups, V Ups, Suicides, Calf Raises, Handstand Hold

I was able to do splits during the warm up since I did the EasyFlexibility right before I left for class. Did more back handsprings with no spot! My front handspring was better because I managed to whip my feet this time.





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