Exercise Journal: 29-31.10.2015

Gymnastics: 2hr
– Warm Up: Stretching, Splits, Bridge, Handstands, Handstand tuck ups, Cartwheels
– Double Mini: Jumps, Front Flips
– Trampoline: Front Flips, Back Flips, Double Back Flip
– Testing: Dips: 9 in 20 seconds

So got over my fear of front and back flips on the trampoline. Also did a double backflip in a harness. Going to try front and back handsprings on the trampoline, next time, which won’t be for THREE WEEKS! AAHHH!

– Locust
– Lotus
– Front Split
– Middle Split

Wall Middle Split:
– Supine and Prone

About an hour and a half today! Not bad! And my front splits were so low on BOTH sides! Definitely less than 3 fingers from the floor. I was pretty amazed considering I didn’t do anything special. Just held and relaxed for a little bit. I really want to do more wall splits, but I got a party to go to!


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