Exercise Journal: 22-25.10.2015

Gymnastics: 2hr
– Warm Up: Stretching, Splits, Bridge, Handstands, Handstand Walk, Rolls, Extensions, Cartwheels, Front Limber, Front Walkover
– Double Mini: Jumps, Front Flips
– Tumble Track: Front Handsprings
– Floor: Back Handsprings, Front walkover
– Trampoline: Back Flips, Back Handspring, Back Handspring Back Flip
– Burn Out: 45 sec rounds Jump Squat, Handstands, Decline Handstand, Plank Weight Pushes, Calf Raises

Things I want to work on: handsprings, flips, walkovers, aerials.

– Locust
– Lotus
– Front Split
– Middle Split

Wall Middle Split: 20 mins

I’m really happy with my backbend progress. Left locust is easier, but needs work. Front Split finally feels like it’s back to pre-overstretching! My hamstrings felt great. Still working on middle split. Ugh. The worst. At least all this fit into 2 hours total!


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