Exercise Journal: 18-20.09.2015



– Locust
– Lotus

Wow, I am extremely sore all over my body from gymnastics. It still hurts. Also my hip flexors are sore for the first time, which is weird, but they deserve it. I think my locust is getting better slowly. I need to focus on form. Lotus is improving slowly.


Ashtanga Yoga
– First Series: 1hr30

Went to a yoga studio for this. Very exciting since it’s been a while. I was able to do almost all the poses! PROVING my theory that having front and middle splits and lotus (a back bend and shoulder flexibility) would make primary series a piece of cake! The last pose I left off at a couple of months ago was Navasa, and now after those couple of months of splits training, the second half came so easily!

The poses I had trouble with were Marichyasana D (lotus), Navasana (core endurance), Supta Kurmasana (hammies, legs over head), Garbha Pindasana (lotus), Baddha Konasana (hips) and all the balancing poses were tough.


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