Exercise Journal: 17.09.2015


– Locust
– Lotus

So was feeling a little dejected about Locust and not being close at all, but then I found out that a thing called half-locust exists, and I feel a lot more motivated in trying to reach that pose! Lotus also improved. My left side wasn’t so painful, so i was able to attempt a lotus with my left leg on top.

I notice I have the tendency to get discouraged when i don’t progress as quickly as I want. And I tend to forget how long I’ve been practising something and think it’s been a lot longer than it actually has. I Figuratively started locust/lotus last week. There’s no reason for me to be feeling like a failure yet.

Also yesterday’s splits were not as good as Monday’s, but I was still happy with how low I got. I really feel like I can get the front splits in another 1 to 2 months max. Middle splits, not so sure, but I am happy with that progress, too.

Gymnastics: 2hr
– Warm Up: Stretching, Splits, Bridge, Handstands, Rolls, Extensions, Cartwheels, Front Limber, Front Walkover,
– Double Mini: Jumps, Front flip
– Tumble Track: Front handspring, Back Handspring
– Floor: Front walkover, Front limber, Handstand Press, Splits

Going to work more on my hip flexors to help my locust and walk overs and splits.  I was able to do ha k handspring finally. Needs work, but I did it alone! My front walk overs were almost effortless. All these flexibility programs are really helping me!


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