Exercise Journal: 05-06.05.2015

Ashtanga Yoga: 30min
– Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutation A
– Surya Namaskara B – Sun Salutation B
– Standing poses

Was not a good day in terms of feeling well.

– Advanced Combo: 30min

Handstand Press Practice:
– Front dumbbell raise: 6×4 @30lb
– Freestanding Negative Handstand Straddle Presses: 6×4

This first couple of sets were Barely Noticeable. Last few not so much.

Straddle Practice:
– Pancake: 5 mins w/ stick
– Middle Split: 10 minutes video
– Pancake: 10 mins w/ stick

I wasn’t particularly warm today.

Felt better today, but not by much. Also beginning to feel overwhelmed again. :-/


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