Exercise Journal: 19-20.04.2015


Acroyoga: 2 hr

It was okay. Did Ninja Star and London Spin. I don’t know about this studio. Apparently strong looking women intimidate the only two straight guys there…. Excuse me for doing gymnastics and have good genes.

GMB Parallettes: Intermediate Phase 1 Day 2
8 – 12 reps, 3 -5s holds, 3 – 5 sets, 60s rest
• Warm-Up Routine: Elbow Drives (behind the back), Rotator Cuff Hitchhikers, Elbow Circles, Wrist Circles, Cat Stretches
• Tuck Swing to Top Plank (working towards forward plank): 3×8
• One Leg Shoulder Stand Hold: 3×5 of 3-5sec
• Tuck Swings: 3×8
• Assisted Inverted Presses: 3×8
• Dive Bombers Standard: 3×8
• Cool-Down Flow: Arm Lounge (bent arm, straight arm), Arm Thread, Wrist Lock, Floor Half Crucifix, Cobra

Keeping my core tight and squeezing my knees as close to my chest as possible helps my feet stay off the ground, but I still need work. I’m sore from whatever. Warm up to cool down took 1 hour. 😦

Handstand Press Practice:
– Front dumbbell raise: 6×3 @ 30lb
– Parallel bar jump back presses: 3×5
– Tuck handstands: 5×5
– Handstands: 3×5
– Ab wheel: 0

I like this, but I’m so tired after parallette training, and then it takes so long. I don’t know if I can do both. :/

Straddle Practice:
– Middle Split: 10 minutes video
– Pancake: 40 mins w/ stick
– Wall Straddle: 20 mins w/ ankle weights

I did pancake for forever. It felt good, but I will be sore. I feel like my wall straddle finally got lower. However I’m pretty sure it’s been this low before.


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