Exercise Journal: 18.04.2015

– 1.5 mi: 12:08 runkeeper/12:29 GPS watch

Hauled ass up that hill. I definitely thought I was going to do worse this time. I was thirsty and my throat was dry, but I still did better. I’m going to make sure I have enough time to poop and eat an apple or banana before my test.

Ashtanga Yoga: 1hr
– Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutation A
– Surya Namaskara B – Sun Salutation B
– Standing poses
– Primary Series (stopped at Bhuja Pidasana)
– Finishing Sequence

Ah. My ankle popped. 😦 My back feels completely back to normal… two months later. lol.

Straddle Practice:
– Middle Split: 10 minutes video
– Pancake: 10 mins w/ stick
– Wall Straddle: 10 mins w/ ankle weights

I lied about the hamstrings.  They are going to be sore from trying to get my back flatter.


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