Exercise Journal: 17.04.2015

– Walleyball: 2 hr

Like volleyball and racquet ball / wall ball.

PT Mock Test:
– Push ups 1 min: 52

I need 47.

GMB Parallettes: Intermediate Phase 1 Day 1
8 – 12 reps, 3 -5s holds (3-5 reps), 3 – 5 sets, 60s rest
• Warm-Up Routine: Elbow Drives (behind the back), Rotator Cuff Hitchhikers, Elbow Circles, Wrist Circles, Cat Stretches
• Plank Push-Ups: 0
• Plank Jump to Dip: 5×4
• Battle Rams (from knees – v. 1 or 2): 3×12
• Tuck Hold: 4×3
• Mt. Climber Holds: 3×12
• Cool-Down Flow: Arm Lounge (bent arm, straight arm), Arm Thread, Wrist Lock, Floor Half Crucifix, Cobra

I replaced the plank push ups with the PT Mock Test Push ups. I will run tomorrow. New work schedule is not really conducive to multiple workouts. 😦 The plank jump to dip push ups were okay. A little better. Tuck hold were phenomenally better. I know I can do more reps and sets, but I’m tired after PT. Don’t have to do this one again until Monday at least!

Handstand Press Practice:
– Front dumbbell raise: 6×3 @30lb
– Parallel bar swing presses: 3×5
– Tuck handstands: 3×5
– Handstands: 2×5
– Ab wheel: 2×5

This is my last handstand practice until Monday after my PT test. Lower reps since it’s paired with parallette training and PT. The front raises are still hard, but getting better. I got a couple of really good tuck handstands and handstands in there. When I get them correct, they are pretty obvious and glorious.

Straddle Practice:
– Middle Split: 10 minutes video
– Pancake: 10 mins w/ stick
– Wall Straddle: 15 mins w/ ankle weights

My hamstrings did not ache at all after pancake. So weird! It’s already getting easier to lay there. I would like to get my lower back a little closer to the ground. I think that would help with straddle as well. Still super happy about finally getting pancake. 🙂


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