Exercise Journal:13.04.2015

– 1.5 mi: 12:43
Not bad for not having run in I don’t remember!!! The GPS watch helped a lot. Last night I did one minute of push ups and got exactly 50. I’m not so worried about my PT test anymore.

GMB Parallettes: Intermediate Phase 1 Day 1
8 – 12 reps, 3 -5s holds, 3 – 5 sets, 60s rest
• Warm-Up Routine: Elbow Drives (behind the back), Rotator Cuff Hitchhikers, Elbow Circles, Wrist Circles, Cat Stretches
• Plank Push-Ups: 3×8
• Plank Jump to Dip: 2×8
• Battle Rams (from knees – v. 1 or 2): 3×8, 1×10, 12
• Tuck Hold: 2×4
• Mt. Climber Holds: 3×12
• Cool-Down Flow: Arm Lounge (bent arm, straight arm), Arm Thread, Wrist Lock, Floor Half Crucifix, Cobra

That was good. I am a little worried I need to do some of the beginner exercises instead. Pretty much only for the jump back since my feet keep touching the ground. Tucks were really hard. Everything else was pretty doable.

Handstand Press Practice:
– Front shoulder raises: 6×3 @30lb
– Ab Wheel: 8

That was so hard after everything…

Straddle Practice:
– Middle Split:: 10 minutes video
– Wall Straddle: 60 min+

Ankle weights!


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