Exercise Journal: 20-24.03.2015

– Legs: 2 x lunges across field, 1 x backwards lunges across field, 1 x backward jumps across field, 3 x sprints across field
– 3 x 800 @ 4:00 pace: .5 @ 3:58, 1.0 @ 4:18, 1.5 @ 4:24
– Munger Ball (Soccer/Handball/Ultimate): ~30 min

My run was slow but it was also end of workout week and immediately after a leg workout. I tried, but it was hard.

Acroyoga: 1hr30
– Really fun. The teacher actually told me he wanted to bring in an additional person to help when there are beginners. Yay! We did some standing moves today.

Pole: 1hr30
– Superfun with clark! Able to do so many new things that i forgot all the names of.

– Legs: 2 x lunges across field, 1 x bear crawl across field, 3 x 6 sprints across half field, 1 x cartwheel across field, 1 x 3 min plank

I’m sure I forgot some things that we did…

Ashtanga Yoga: 1hr
– Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutation A
– Surya Namaskara B – Sun Salutation B
– Standing poses
– Primary Series (stopped at Bhuja Pidasana)
– Finishing Sequence

I was not able to do some of the lotus poses for very long. My right knee did not want to cooperate and I refuse to force it. I don’t feel like I’m getting in enough time to do yoga. It’s only twice a week now. I want to do it at least three times. I’m eyeing Saturdays, but that would leave me with ZERO rest days. However, I might be okay as long as each muscle group is getting enough rest. I’ll test it out this week.

Gymnastics: 2 hr
– Floor work: stretch, splits, bridge, rolls, extensions
– Double mini: jumps, front flips
– Tumble track: jumps, front handsprings
– Handstand Press Practice: handstand tuck jump ups, front shoulder raises, parallel bar tuck and pike presses and negatives
– Straddle split Stretching
– Burn Out
-– Pull ups: 10
— Sit Ups: tuck, pike, straddle, role
— Calf raises: 30 per leg, 30 both legs
— Mat pushes: 6 times total with front roll over mat between

I learned so many great progressions for handstand press. Got challenged today at work and accused of not being committed enough to learn handstand press in 6 weeks… WE’LL SEE. WE’LL SEE WHO’S NOT COMMITTED!! I WILL PRACTICE EVERYDAY. APRIL 5TH… Here I come. Anyway what’s great about it is that it practically covers L-Sits, too. And incorporates the necessary exercises.

Handstand Press Practice:
– Lunge handstands for control: 2 x 5 per leg
– Handstand tuck jump ups
– Front shoulder raises: 6 x 3-5
– Seated pike leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Seated straddle seated leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Parallel bar tuck presses to standing
– Parallel bar pike presses negatives
– Elevated handstand press practice

Straddle Practice:
– Wall Straddle: multiple sets of 30s


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