Exercise Journal: 26.02.2015

Pole: 1hr15

I tried the intermediate course today. I prefer the beginner class. Lol. I actually felt a lot less sore after the class though, which was nice because I was in a lot of pain before.

Ashtanga Yoga: 1hr
– Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutation A
– Surya Namaskara B – Sun Salutation B
– Standing poses
– Primary Series (stopped at Navasana)
– Finishing Sequence (omit Ūrdhva Padmāsana, Piṇḍāsana, Matsyāsana, Uttāna Pādāsana)

Today the lots was achieved with NO issues, including Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana/standing half lotus and Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana/Half Lotus Seated Forward Fold! I was extremely happy about that. I almost got Urdhva Padmasana, but my knee/hip is not ready for that. My backbend felt really nice, and my hands and feet are getting flatter to the ground. Also during Purvottanasana/Upward Plank pose, my feet were pretty much flat against the ground because I was able to lift my hips high enough, which is also why my backbend felt nice. My feet are getting slightly higher in Navasana/Boat pose (still one of the hardest poses!). And finally my headstand could use some improvement, but overall I’m really glad I didn’t skip yoga today on account of being sore.

– Wall straddle

I refuse to give up on middle split. Even though it sucks.

So sore.


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