Exercise Journal: 19.02.2015

Run: Pace work
– 0.27mi in 2:09; 0.68mi in 5:27; 1.09mi in 8:45; 1.50mi in 12:03 (3:18 pace), then 2 x 0.25mi at 2:00 pace, walk about 100m or less for recovery
Laps: 2:07, 5:22 (3:15 pace), 8:28 (3:06 pace), 11:23 (2:55 pace), 13:14 (1:51 pace), 15:09 (1:55 pace)
Paced myself for the strange track. I did a lot better than I thought I would. I made all of them in under the 3:18 pace for the first 1.5 mi and under the 2:00 pace for the last half mile! Definitely going to do this again as well as move along to the 800m instead of 400m pace work to build up my endurance. So probably 4×800.

Pole: 1h45m
Did so many new things with Beau! I love him. He teaches us so much. He said he wanted to teach me so many new things! My needle pull ups are getting good! I should count those as pull ups, so I’m actually doing them 3 times a week!

– Straddle Split: Frog Split
Just holding it as I type this up and until I’m ready to go to bed.


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