Exercise Journal: 17.02.2015

– 12 x 800 meter @ 2:00 pace, walk about 100m or less for recovery
Laps: 01:42, 01:57, 02:06, 01:58, 02:01, 01:56, 01:55, 01:55, 2:00, 01:56, 02:14, 02:22; 1mi-7:43, 1.5mi-11:40, 2mi-15:30, 2.5mi-19:26, 3mi-24:02; Total Time w/ rest: 30 min
I ran for PT today and then I played Mungerball for about 10 minutes.

Gymnastics: 2 hr
– Floor work, rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, walkovers
– Tumble track warm up, ba
– Front handspring practice… literally 1 hr
– Pull ups: 3 x 5
– L-Sit floor leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Straddle floor leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Pancake stretch assisted!

I literally spent an hour practicing front handspring drills. I only had time for pull ups and straddle/pike leg lifts after. But I did a lot of backbends during the handspring drills. So I’m happy. I also got pulled into the pancake and sat on to deepen it, so that was good. I’m practically to the floor. So much progress. Unlike straddle… ¬_¬

– Straddle Split
Until whatever.


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