Exercise Journal: 10.02.2015

Gymnastics: 2 hr
– Floor work, rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, walkovers
– Double mini jumps, front flips
– Tumble track warm up
– Trampoline back handspring tuck combo (with the pulley thing on)
– Pull ups: 3 x 5
– L-sit hold: 6 x 15s
– L-sit tuck hold: 1 x 30s
– L-Sit floor leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Straddle floor leg lifts: 2 x 15
– Bridge work: elevated, normal and against the wall!
– Burnout: legs, arms and core

I did a back handspring, back tuck combo! Assisted. That was awesome! Also, two of my classmates came to class today and one of them taught me the seated l-sit/straddle leg lifts and wow do they hurt. I can definitely see them helping me out with my l-sits! Also I tried out the wall bridge walk down from Kino’s video. That was fun!


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