Exercise Journal: 28.10.2014

Ashtanga Yoga: 45m
– Surya Namaskara A – Sun Salutation A
– Surya Namaskara B – Sun Salutation B
– Six standing poses

Adult GYMFit:
– General Gymnastics: 02:00:00
Splits, Cartwheels, Roundoffs, Handstands Rolls, Double Mini Front Flips, Tumbling Trampoline Front and Back Handsprings

Found a great youtube video to Yoga along with to help me memorize the flows! I love attacking my hammies. Can wait to attack my hips, too! After yesterday’s workout, I decided I’m moving on in the Start Bodyweight program whether I have to reduce reps and sets. It doesn’t even matter. It’s going to happen. I’m breaking this plateau! I Figuratively hated my workout last night. Resented having to do it. I hate that feeling.



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2 responses to “Exercise Journal: 28.10.2014

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