Exercise Journal: 16.09.2014

Start Bodyweight Dynamic Warmup: 00:10:00
– Thoracic Spine Mobility: 10 each side. (See http://youtu.be/8WQsQRoeZxs)
– Shoulder Mobility: Follow the guidelines in the video. (See http://youtu.be/Qt4RNqK35hc)

Pull-Up Progression
– 3 X 5 reps | pull-ups (full extension)

Leg Raise Progression
– 3 x 5 reps | hanging v-raise windshield wipers

Horizontal Pull Progression
– 3 x 5 reps | front tuck knee lever rows

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing
– 3 X 15 | 15 kg

Stretching: 00:10:00
– See stretching routine @ http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/simple-static-stretching-routine.html

The leg raises are much easier once I lift my butt up more, still my least fav of this group and make my shoulders hurt the most.  The pull ups were not too bad.  Still going to take my time with them.  And the levers were better, too.  I’m thinking of going back to the whole body workout really soon.


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