Exercise Journal: 28.08.2014


Start Bodyweight Dynamic Warmup: 00:10:00
– Shoulder Mobility: Follow the guidelines in the video. (See http://youtu.be/Qt4RNqK35hc)

Handstand Push-Up Progression
– 3 x 4 reps | wall half handstand push ups

Push-Up Progression
– 3 x 4 reps | incline one arm push up

Dip Progression
– 3 x 4 reps | legs forward dips

Squat Progression
– 3 X 4 reps | intermediate shrimps

Plank Progression
– 00:01:00 | RKC planks. See http://youtu.be/6TKktamzq4o

Stretching: 00:10:00
– See stretching routine @ http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/simple-static-stretching-routine.html

I have no upper body strength today…


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