Exercise Journal: 10.08.2014

Start Bodyweight Dynamic Warmup: 00:10:00
– Thoracic Spine Mobility: 10 each side. (See http://youtu.be/8WQsQRoeZxs)
– Shoulder Mobility: Follow the guidelines in the video. (See http://youtu.be/Qt4RNqK35hc)

Pull-Up Progression
– 3 X 12 reps | pull-ups (full extension)

Leg Raise Progression
– 3 x 4 reps | hanging v-raise windshield wipers

Horizontal Pull Progression
– 3 x 12 reps | tuck knees, front lever rows

Stretching: 00:10:00
– See stretching routine @ http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/simple-static-stretching-routine.html

I feel like I’m never going to get good at these tuck knees, front lever rows.  My arms are always so freaking tired after the pull ups and leg raises.  So I’m going to move on to the next progression.  The windshield leg raises were a lot easier this time than the first time I tried them! Woot! I think this will be my first finished progression since the planks! We’ll see about those one armed ones though. Pull ups were okay, just needed a lot of recovery time as usual, but I am finally proud of my pull ups.

Squats 12/13, pull ups 5/14, handstand pushups 8/11, leg raises 13/14, push ups 13/15, dips 11/13; horizontal pulls 9/12, planks 10/10.



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