Exercise Journal 25.06-12.07.2014


PT: 1947 Army PT test
I. as many reps as possible in 2 mins:
– pulls ups
– tricep push ups
– prisoner jump squats
– straight leg sit ups
II. as fast as possible
– 300 meter sprint
III. Ultimate Football!

I don’t remember…

I. 2.5 MI RUN
II. Three rounds of 3 sets
– 30 reps: wide arm push ups, flutter kicks, squats
– 25 reps: reg push ups, bicycle sit ups, plie squats
– 20 reps: narrow push ups, sit ups, lunges

So I got really sick right about the 25th. I was not able to workout without being in pain. I was fine as of last week, but lazy, so it’s time to jump back on the wagon.



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