Exercise Journal: 18.04.2014

– Diamond Head, about 1.6 mi miles

– 5/14 Pull Ups (Full Extension): 3 x 8
– 7/12 Inverted Rows Legs Elevated, One Leg Extended: 3 x 15
– 7/14 Hanging Straight Leg Raises: 3 x 14
– 10/13 Dips: 3 x 6
– 6/12 Decline Pike Diamond Push Ups: 3 x 10
– 10/15 Decline Elbows In Push Ups: 3 x 8
– Static Stretching
*Rest 1-2 min between sets

So working out with visiting is not really working out well. Partially my fault, partially exhaustion, partially busyness. So now that it’s nap time, I’m taking the chance to workout! So, I was not able to progress to horizontal pull progression number 8. I need to get along further on pull ups to garner more pull strength. Let me tell you. Pull ups are not easy. And that killed me. This is why push day is my favorite. I’m so tired, but I don’t want to NOT workout. I just hope my form isn’t too deviant today.



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