Exercise & Food Journal: 02.04.2014

– 5/14 Pull Ups (Full Extension): 3 x 4
– 6/12 Inverted Rows, Legs Elevated: 3 x 15
– 8/14 Forearm Straight Leg Raises: 3 x 20
– 4/14 Half Pull Ups (Top Half): 3 x 4
– 5/12 Inverted Rows, One Leg Extended: 3 x 6
– 7/14 Hanging Bent Leg Raises: 3 x 12
– Static Stretching
*Rest 1-2 min between sets

I have to take plenty of rests to complete the pull ups, but I DID THEM!!!! Woo hooo! Skipped ahead on rows because the progression jump was not that hard. The leg raises were also extremely hard today. It’s amazing how much progression can happen in one day a week!!! So in love with this program. I can finally see myself reaching my Beast Skills goals! But I’m definitely going to have to do morning workouts from now on… I’m too lazy in the afternoons.

– Fruit Kale Smoothie
– chicken and carrots and zucchini… I added a little too much oil on the veggies :-/
– Jamba Juice Chunky Strawberry Bowl w/ PB … MmmMmm good!



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