Exercise & Food Journal: 25.03.2014

– 4/14 Half Pull Ups (Top Half): 3 x 8
– 5/12 Inverted Rows, One Leg Extended: 3 x 15
– 8/14 Forearm Straight Leg Raises: 3 x 15
– 3/14 Eccentric Pull Ups: 3 x 4
– 4/12 Inverted Rows: 3 x 6
– 7/14 Hanging Bent Leg Raises: 3 x 12
– Static Stretching
*Rest 1-2 min between sets

The Leg Raises are a lot harder if you don’t touch the ground ever. I only discovered that last pull day. I couldn’t do it for the last round. Pull is much harder than Push.

– Fruity Kale Smoothie
– Chicken and Broccoli
– Chocolate Almond Milk
– Cheese Eggs and Asparagus w/ apple juice + emergen-c aaaand a couple of sour s’kettis.

I think the Food Diary def needs to come back. The chocolate milk is a perfect snack so far to hold me over until dinner and not let me pig out on whatever.



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2 responses to “Exercise & Food Journal: 25.03.2014

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