Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 30.05.2013


– Beginner’s Double Leg Jig, Beginner Routine (Skips Point hop Back and Sevens), Advanced Routine (Turn 23, Skip 23, Hop Steps, Over 23, Hop Steps, Double Hop, Twist Back, Jump Back, Entrechat)

YOGA: Z-Cut Power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Crescent Series, Cool Down

OMG I got better at the Advanced Routine! And the Crescent series!

– eggs, hashbrown, orange juice, choco soy milk
– 1/2 lunabar
– herb baked chicken, sweet potato, salad, apple juice
– 1/2 lunabar
– jaeger schnitzel, stir fried cabbage carrots, lemon cranberry juice, choco soymilk

Soy milk is making me fat! Well not really. But I’m cutting back. I really need to poop soon. :/

– 0.5 L
– 0.3 L
– 0.2 L


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