Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 29.05.2013


– push ups, sit ups/flutter kicks/knee ups/russian twist, indian run sprints

– Leg Tuck Hold: 6 x 45s
– Freestanding Practice

YOGA: Z-Cut Power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Crescent Series, Cool Down

I love Yoga. It’s Crescent week. I want to memorize these series, so I can them alone without the DVD! So I went crazy and did 6 rounds of 45 second Leg tuck Holds. It was hard, yet rewarding. Handstand was good. I’m trying to balance and do correction more while I’m in the air. PT was good. Got my running in.

– tomato, onion cheese eggs, grapes, orange juice
– spanish rice, beef meatballs, spinach, salad, apple juice
– choco soy milk, larabar!!!!
– salad, broccoli, beef and broccoli, apple juice, choc milkshake πŸ˜›

– 0.35 L
– 0.50 L
– 0.25 L
– 0.25 l


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