Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 16.05.2013


– Beginner Routine (Skips Point hop Back and Sevens), Beginner’s Double Leg Jig, Advanced Routine (Turn 23, Skip 23, Hop Steps, Over 23, Hop Steps, Double Hop, Twist Back, Jump Back, Entrechat)

YOGA: Z-Cut Power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Balance and Plyo Series, Warrior Endurance Series, Cool Down

So I somehow hurt my knee while SITTING yesterday, so dancing was hard and running was definitely ruled out (been there before). I’m wearing my brace today. However on the bright side, Yoga was exceptionally good and calming.

– chicken, greens, salad, grapes, cranberry juice
– ?
– clif bar, choco soy milk
– omelette, hashbrown, orange juice

– Workouts: 0.2 L
– Other: 1.0 L


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