Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 07.05.2013


I see myself in her and this is why I love her. Which is kinda narcissistic now that I think about it…

– Scissors, Entrechat, Bicycle, Lead Around, Beginner Routine w/ Skips Point hop Back and Sevens, Beginner’s Double Leg Jig

SERIES B: Time Challenge: 10 Rounds
– Jump Squats – 8
– Jump Lunges – 12
Total Time: 07m30s

YOGA: Z-Cut Power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Chair Series, Cool Down

So had to cut everything a little short to make room for an appointment. Maybe I’m making my workouts too long in general and should alt between longer and shorter sessions.

– choco soy milk
– chicken fajitas, bbq beef cubs, sala, cabbage, choco mouse cake, a taste of some cobbler/pie thing
– clif bar
– omelette, 2 hashbrown, orange juice, choco soymilk

– Workouts: 0.3 L
– Other: 1.0 L


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