Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 02.05.2013


OMG Choi SiWon, I love you…r abs!

LEGS: Jump!
Time Challenge: 3 rounds
– Vertical Leap Squat – 10 reps
– Jump Split Lunges – 10 reps
– Jump Side Lunges – 20
– Pistols – 5 per leg
Time: 10:27

YOGA: Z-Cut power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Balance and Plyo Series, Cool Down

– Hop Backs, Jump Backs, Hop Step Move, Double Hop Move, Spin, Turn, Point Hop Back, Jump 23s, Birdie, Rock Move, Twists, Entrechat, Bicycle, Lead Around, Beginner Routine w/ Skips Point hop Back and Sevens, Beg Double Leg Jig w/ 3s 7s and Point hop toe

I love Tue/Thu’s. It was a little too cold for me to run outside as I hate working out in the cold, so I did leg day instead. I really really like and missed Yoga. It’s definitely going to stay in the repertoire. And I realized why my calves and shins are sore, and it’s not running! The culprit? Irish Step Dancing! Because I’m on my toes all the time. Definitely need to stretch after.

– chicken, greens, carrots, salad, red and green grapes, apple juice
– chicken, cheese potatoes, broc
– luna bar, choco soymilk
– scrambled eggs, hashbrown, grapes, orange juice

Here’s the thing. I know how much food I need to be falsely satisfied, to actually be satisfied, to be full and to be stuffed just by the amount I’m eating. Obviously I never want to go over full and I generally want to aim for actually satisfied. So I’m realizing, I don’t really need to eat MORE food in general during my period. I should just be having more carbs to make my uterus shut up. TBH, this was the first period in a long time where my abs didn’t disappear.

– Workouts: 0.4 L
– Other: 1.0 L

Keep spilling my water… That ish cost monies.


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