Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 30.04.2013


Oh, Zuzka. I missed you.

RUN: Triangle
– 2.7 mi = 19m08s

YOGA: Z-Cut power Yoga Series
– Warm up, Crescent Series, Cool Down

– Hop Backs, Jump Backs, Hop Step Move, Double Hop Move, Spin, Turn, Point Hop Back, Jump 23s, Birdie, Rock Move, Twists, Entrechat, Bicycle, Lead Around, Beginner Routine w/ Skips Point hop Back and Sevens, Beg Double Leg Jig

Obviously there was wind, so I wasn’t going the same pace the entire triangle, but if I had been… that was an 10:55 mile and half! I feel like I’m not afraid to workout before EVALS anymore. Well at least Running. I loved everything. The run was awesome. The Yoga was awesome. And the dancing was awesome. I love my life when I’m not at work. Time for banjo!

– salmon, cabbage, potatoes, grapes, cranberry juice
– meat loaf, tempura veggies, spinach, apple juice
– luna bar, choco soymilk
– scrambled eggs, hashbrown, grapes, orange juice

Period almost over. I did good.

– Workouts: 0.6 L
– Other: 1.0 L


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