Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 11.04.2013


Michael Kory’s abs.

– 30 min workout with jump rope, swings, lunges, high pulls, russian twists, reverse crunch/leg extensions, planks

–  1 hour

– 1.5 mi

I tried Kettle bells with a trainer at the gym. She tried to kill me… I’m gonna do this once a week,so I can still have strength for Beast Skill. It was a nice change to the normal. Also the jump rope she had me use was amazing. I need a new one ASAP. I think next week I’ll be able to move on to the next step in my Beast Skills since I spent so much time building my foundation! So excited. Zumba was good. Not as good as back at DLI, but whevs. I’ll do it. The run was actually really difficult because of the Kettle bell class killed me. We made same time as during EVALs, but this time my trainee wasn’t out of breath!

– Post Workout: luna bar (post kb)
– Lunch: fish, broc, carrots and peas, curly fries, crangrape juice (post zumba)
– Post Workout: crangrape juice (pre run), choco soy milk (post run)
– Dinner: fish, cabbage,  stewed tomatoes, broc, choco soymilk
– Snack: rice w gravy, broc, fish, fries, cranapple
– Breakfast: cheese omelette, crangrape juice

I was starving. I worked out a lot.

– 2 L


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