Exercise Journal: 27-28.03.2013


Taylor Lautner. I’ll always be Team Jacob…

800m, 2 x 400m & 2 x 200m @2:00, 2 x 100m x 2 @ sprint pace = 1.5 mi

Her stats: 800m @ 2:00, 2:15, 2 x 400m @ 2:00, 2:05 & 2 x 200m @1:00, 0:55, 2 x 100m @ 0:18, 0:17

I’m training a friend for her fitness eval. She needs to improve her run. I’ll have to modify my strength training! I honestly feel like jump roping has helped me maintain my cardio.

– eggs, grapes, apple juice
– beef pot pie, broccoli, salad, apple juice, pears
– apple juice
– tba
– choco soy milk

I’ve adjusted to the food here. It’s a lot easier to eat healthy here bc the quality of the food is better, even if some of it is greasier.

– 1.5L minimum

It’s hard to keep count, but I do manage to drink at least 1.5L a day.

– 4.7 miles

We ran the triangle and the modified triangle running trial.

Normal journal will be back soon…


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