Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 22.03.2013


Nate Diaz. Some little brother love or whatever. Still no Internet, but I miss abspiration, so I went through the pain of using wpmobile to manually do this.

– Tabata: 8 rounds, 20 on, 10 off

5 reps/side, 5 rounds, rest 60s between rounds
– Squat Jump to High Tuck
– Jump Split Lunges
– Jump Side Lunges
– Jumping Chinese Squat
– Rolling Pistols

– 10 4-count diamond push ups
– 15 4-count crunches
– 15 4 count push ups
– 30 sec 6 inch leg raises, 30 sec 45 degree leg lift, 30 sec 6 inch leg raise
– 30 sec superman, 30 sec back extensions
– 30 sec 6 inch leg raises, 30 sec 45 degree leg lift, 30 sec 6 inch leg raise
– 1.3 mile run

This leg/handstand trade off is way more realistic, esp since handstand has progressed into hard. I’m excited about it tho. Next step should be a little easier… When I’m done, I’ll start with parallettes. I really love that pistols are back. I did miss them and I think this format has all the great moves in it. PT was good! I like the simplicity and the run! I miss it. Not running on a track is amazing. So much easier. And in happy my HIIT format workouts have kept my cardio up. I did so much better on the run than I thought I would.

– eggs, a hash-brown, orange juice, Choco soy milk
– chicken, broccoli, salad, cranberry juice and Choco soy milk
– dindin

So actually I start the day at lunch, then do dinner then eat breakfast, but whevs, I’m only counting what is in the days 24 hours.

– workout: 0.3
– pt: 0.3
– day: ?

It’s hot here! I miss monterey fog lol.


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