Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 19.03.2013


Mmmm, Chael.

DAY 1:
Warm Up: Elbow Drives (behind the back), Rotator Cuff Hitchhikers, Elbow Circles, Wrist Circles, Cat Stretches

8 – 12 reps, 3 – 5s holds, 3 – 5 sets, 60s rest
– Plank Push-Ups
– Front Dips
– Plank Hold (Standard)
– Tuck Hold
– Mt. Climbers (from knees)
RPT: 7, RPE: 8

Cool Down:
– Arm Lounge (bent arm, straight arm), Arm Thread, Wrist Lock, Floor Half Crucifix, Cobra

5 reps/side, 5 rounds, rest 60s between rounds
– Squat Jump to High Tuck
– Jump Split Lunges
– Jump Side Lunges
– Jumping Chinese Squat
– Rolling Pistols

This (push + leg) was also way to long for today 😦 not sure what I’m going to do nooow. I might have to start this after I finish beast skill. 😦 I hate when plans don’t go as expected!

– eggs, water
– leaving on a plane! bye, Monterey! It’s been good!

– workout: 0.4
– day: ?


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