Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 11.03.2013

– Tabata: 8 rounds, 20 on, 10 off

BEAST SKILL: Handstand
– Wall Climb Hold: 6 x 30 secs

SERIES A: AMRAP: 10 Minutes
– Pull Ups – 10
– Inverted Rows – 10
Total Time: 7 rounds

No abspiration today as my internet died. Wall climb was fun. Lol. And AMRAP was so much faster today even tho I was slower. I blame my ever improving pull up technique. I’m really glad to have AMRAP and my motivation back. 🙂 Also, Series D is NO JOKE!

– eggs and juice
– chicken and salad
– pb
– stir fry chicken and snap peas, green beans, veggies

I realized I’m afraid of change when it comes to making food. Dinner was delish.

– day: 1.3
– workout: 0.4
– other: 0.6

Yeah so yesterday was a day of shame, so I had to flush it and all that fiber out.


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