Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 10.03.2013


That is all that’s needed.

– Tabata: 8 rounds, 20 on, 10 off

BEAST SKILL: Handstand
– Wall Climb Hold: 1 x 60 secs

CORE: Strength
– Hollow Body: 1 minute
– Flutter Kick: 1 minute
– Superman: 1 minute
– Toe Touches BTW Reach: 1 minute
– Front Plank: 1 min
– Abdominal Vacuum: 3 x 30

My elbows are starting to hurt during wall climb holds. 😦 Hollow body was pretty easy as were the rest of the core exercises. I feel like unless I workout my core to failure I feel no challenge, and I’m just not really interested in doing that, knowing that it’s not an ab determining factor.

– luna bar
– fish, artichoke, carrots, tomatoes
– luna bars
– chicken, salad
– luna bars

Eh, let’s get this back under control. k?

– workout: .3
– other: .7 + 1.0 sparkling water



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2 responses to “Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 10.03.2013

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  2. Just bought a jump rope for my kiddie pies and was thinking I could use it too. Such a simple form of exercise and yet I forget to use it.

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