Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 09.03.2013


Nick 🙂

– Tabata: 20 on, 10 off

BEAST SKILL: Handstand
– Wall Climb Hold: 6 x 30 secs

SERIES D: HIIT: 10 x 50/10
– Side Lunge: 38, 35, 34, 36, 36
– One Leg Romanian Deadlift: 23, 19, 22, 23, 25

I havent run since last eval. That needs to change. However, this workout went well. Def going to stay in the 30s range for wall climb hold next week. That crap is still hard. Also, so glad to be done with interval format. Well, I might keep it for seme days actually, but I want AMRAP back. Well see.

– eggs, juice
– 1/2 luna bar
– long ass nap… emotions are exhausting
– 1/2 lune bar
– veggie fried rice, veggie egg roll

– workout: 0.4
– other: 1.4


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