Exercise, Food & Water Journal: 03.02.2013


Chicken Tuna, she had a huge impact on my attitude towards diet and exercise. She helped me out a lot in the beginning stages of my journey!

BODYBUILDING: DAYS 1-5: Jump Rope + AR7 + Beast Skill
Jump Rope
– Tabata: 8 X 20 on, 10 off

AR7: SERIES A 7×7, 6×6, 5×5
– Pull Ups
– Inverted Rows

Beast Skill: Handstand
– Wall Climb: 2 x 3
– Bent-Arm Stand Forward Roll: 2

Today was supposed to be rest day, but I have EVALs on Tues, so Mon will be my rest day instead. My leg feels really good and so does my foot. I massaged and put cream on it yesterday when I realized that I probably should have addressed my foot pain earlier. I’m up to 2 wall climb sets on arm days and three on non-arm days! Hopefully in 1-2 weeks I’ll have reached 4 sets! Woot!

I went to the SPCA today and played with the puppies. Now I’m depressed and am determined to own 50 dogs.

– egg, corned beef hash, kiwi, juice
– gluten free turkey, spring mix, argula, aoili, pepper jack sandwich, golden raisins!
– veggie spring roll and pbc boba tea!
– gluten free turkey, spring mix, argula, aoili, pepper jack sandwich, golden raisins!

So when I put the fork down and move on, the food on my plate becomes a lot less desirable than it initially was. I guess the psychology behind that isn’t too complicated. Just stop, exert a little self control and listen to your body. I like that you get two sandwiches for the price of one at whole foods.

– other: 1.3
– workout: 0.4

Making a good effort to drink more water after dinner. I like waking up in the middle of the night to go pee. Weird, but I like waking up knowing I have more time to sleep. It’s nice.


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